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Wasabi Academy

We're in luck, you're the first in knowing that we have created a new concept to teach you how to prepare sushi and various specialties of Japanese cuisine. You will have the opportunity to learn, from the hand of great professionals, all the secrets of Japanese cuisine, meet their techniques and you will learn to handle correctly the ingredients to avoid altering the taste.

Wasabi Academy will teach, not only to interested people in Japanese food or washoku, also will offer specialized courses for restoration professionals.

This initiative arises from the concern of spreading the benefits of this cuisine to Japanese food lovers and those who still are not. Can you imagine surprise your partner or friends with a different meal prepared by you? If you have children, you can have fun with them developing the most creative sushi rolls.

Who says cooking is not fun? In addition in Wasabi Academy, at the end of each session, among all we will taste what we have prepared.

You can know all the details in the new section of our website, there you can see the agenda and schedules. Also do not stop be aware of the draws of cooking classes we will do in our social networks. Do you follow us?